Development and Use of Cyber Security Exercises: Strategic/Tactical

Pillar: P1:50% P2:40% P3:10%                        UN-norms: 1-2, 4-5, 7

Characteristic: 4 days live training, including discussion and exercises. Online version is shortened, 5 half days.

Overview and Objective: The programme provides training for preparing and conducting cyber security exercises either for the strategic or operational level decision makers. The participants will receive training on different methodologies and approaches to preparing and conducting exercises.

This training also includes a practical, hands on exercise development workshop, where the participants prepare an exercise outline with the support of the trainers.

Objectives are:

  • Gain insight into how to design, prepare and execute table top and command post exercises, aimed at both executive level policy/decision-makers and operational management.
  • Emergency preparedness capacity will rise as knowledge is gained that would allow to engage more partners and set more ambitious goals.
  • Will be able to organise a cyber security exercise on their own or with some coaching.

Who is it for: Cyber security experts who are responsible for emergency preparedness and management either on the national level or for private service providers, and who want to learn to organise cyber security exercises.

Prerequisites: None

Outline: The main topics covered are:

  • Importance of the exercises and different methodologies
  • Exercise objectives setting
  • Exercise focus and form setting
  • Exercise participants, their roles and management
  • Exercise scenario development
  • Exercise conduct
  • The course concludes with a practical workshop where the participants will design and present an exercise outline based on the information shared during the training

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