Cyber4Dev experts supporting Cyber Resilience globally.


February and early March proved to be an exceptionally busy period for Cyber4Dev, with experts deployed in a number of locations. We’re delighted to have worked with colleagues in Rwanda, Mauritius, Sri Lanka as well as in Cambodia, Laos and Singapore.

In Rwanda, we have been supporting the Rwandan Information Society Authority (RISA) to develop their public awareness campaign pertaining to Cyber Security. Rwanda is currently undertaking a huge project including the provision of smart phones for every household in the country. Some rural households are unlikely to have made regular use of a smartphone and so Cyber4Dev has assisted RISA to develop compelling public messages to help citizens protect themselves from the dangers of mal actors in Cyber.

The EU Delegation to Sri Lanka accompanied by our expert, Sam Higgins.
The EU Delegation to Sri Lanka accompanied by our expert, Sam Higgins.

In Sri Lanka, we have continued to support the Sri Lankan CERT with their ongoing efforts to build CERT capacity and our expert team members from NCSC and RIA worked closely with Sri Lankan experts on the delivery and facilitation of workshops and meetings.

Cyber4Dev meet with Mauritius Cyber Security Steering Committee

We enjoyed a very productive set of meetings with colleagues in Mauritius who we have been working with this week as part of the National Cyber Security Strategy Seminar. Collectively, we have made good progress on ways to reflect on and review the existing Cyber security strategy while working on effective and inclusive strategies for new approaches.