We are Cyber4Dev

Cyber Resilience for Development (Cyber4Dev) is a European Union project designed to promote cyber-resilience and cybersecurity in order to protect public and private enterprises across the globe.

It is a multi-million Euro investment aimed at safeguarding economic and social development, essential community infrastructure and national security systems.

The project is for the benefit of all citizens, public agencies and private enterprises in participating developing countries.

The skills and acquired knowledge gained through project implementation will be shared with neighbouring countries and regions. 

The project aims to give everyone access to the benefits of an open, free, secure and resilient cyberspace.

Cyber resilience is essential for economic development, stable societies and secure defences.

Every country needs robust cyber systems to protect its essential infrastructure such as telecommunications, payment systems and electricity supplies.

A safe and secure infrastructure fosters economic investment and growth which in turn benefits all sectors of the community, public and private.

Latest News

CSIRT Essentials in Lao PDR

This week, we continue our work in Lao PDR with another session of the ever popular CSIRT Essentials. Our experts Klaid Mägi and Nick Small were on hand to support our cohort in Vientiane and were delighted to have Vice Minister Keovisouk Solaphom attend the opening event. Thank you so much to LaoCERT for their … Read more

Discussing the Human Centred approach to Cyber Security at the United Nations in NYC

Co-operation and collaboration on important issues remains a consistent and robust theme of our work, and yesterday’s lunchtime workshop on the Human-Centric Approach to Cybersecurity in the Context of the OEWG was a great example of this. Joining forces with EU Cyber Direct – EU Cyber Diplomacy Initiative and in the presence of our sponsored EU:CD fellows and … Read more

Rwanda strives to realise its cyber potential

Rwanda has made great strides in boosting its cyber resilience in recent years: establishing its National Cyber Security Authority (NCSA) in 2020, and a Data Protection Office just last year. They’ve also been busy hosting international events, like the 2023 FIRST & AfricaCERT Symposium in March and the Cybertech Africa 2023 Conference in August. Cyber … Read more

Cyber4Dev weekly update

Is the AI boom just another gold rush?Is it too late to invest in NVIDIA? And who will benefit from the AI boom? These are common questions for people looking to jump aboard the AI bandwagon. I turned to an industry expert for help.In the current AI gold rush, NVIDIA is the one “selling the … Read more