Tackling Disinformation in Seychelles


What is disinformation? What is information manipulation? How do you build resilience in society against information manipulation? 

Answers to such questions were given and discussed by the Cyber4Dev team in Seychelles recently in our training on

“Understanding and Building Resilience against Disinformation in a Democratic Society”.

This training was carried out by two of our experts, Mr Hannes Krause, who is also our coordinator for the region and Mr Siim Kumpas, from East Stratcom Taskforce of European External Action Service.

According to Mr Krause, every democratic nation across the world needs to build that resilience, as information manipulation is one of the easiest ways of causing harm against democratic countries; and it is important to build resilience against information manipulation without sacrificing democratic principles and human rights along the way. 

“We were really glad to discuss those issues and local experiences with officials and journalists from Seychelles and it was great to note how big of an importance this topic has for the authorities here and how important the democratic values are for Seychelles in this whole context.”

“Finding solutions against the challenges posed by information manipulation requires cooperation across the society and it is great that experts of Seychelles are ready to find them,” he added.

Our big thanks for the support goes to European External Action Service, Department of ICT of the Government of Seychelles and EU Delegation to Mauritius and Seychelles.