2019 Year in Review


Last year was one of growth and learning for Cyber4Dev and in the first of our blogs, our project lead Maurice Campbell shares his insights from 2019…

Co-operation across multiple countries has been a major highlight
Co-operation across multiple countries has been a real highlight

Highlight of the Year

A major highlight has been the determined engagement of officials with project experts at all levels in each of the countries in which we have worked. This has been a complex engagement, with cross-cutting new issues arising for governments, and dealing effectively with the challenges faced has required close inter-ministerial cooperation.

What we’ve learned in 2019…

Government initiatives to address cyber-resilience issues will never be truly effective without a balancing commitment from private and semi-state actors. The identification and engagement of Critical National Information Infrastructure partners is central to success. In some sectors it is commercially very sensitive to acknowledge susceptibility to attack, and time is necessary to build the necessary trust to build effective defences, and put in place cooperative structures to aid response.

How the project has developed over the past year…

The project has grown in both breadth and depth of relationships established with beneficiary states, and in engagement with other related projects and institutions. We have now commenced work, or are in an exploratory phase, with beneficiary partners in Africa (Mauritius, Botswana, Mozambique, Rwanda, Republic of Congo), Asia (Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia) and Central and South America (Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Costa Rica).

Emerging CyberResilence trends in 2020

In developing countries, we will see a greater preparedness to bounce back following an attack. There will also an emerging importance of effective cyber resilience to protecting democratic institutions and electoral systems and practices.