Developing regional educational and research links in Ecuador


Last week members of the team were in Ecuador, where in collaboration with CEDIA ( Corporation for the Development of Research and Academia ) they shared their experience and expertise in the areas of cyber security, incident management and awareness raising activities. Our visit formed part of XII CEDIA Forum of Directors of Information Technology and Communications of the Universities of Ecuador on 18-19 May 2023 in Quito.

As our work has expanded across the region, so has our network of locally based experts and it was great to have Lorenzo Martínez Lebron (professor of systems, software and cybersecurity engineering and academic coordinator of Instituto Technólogico de Santo Domingo) , Jorge Mora Flores (cybersecurity expert and former director of Digital Governance, Cost Rica) and Carlos Leonardo (CSIRT-RD Director) join us for series of presentations and workshops aimed at developing the capacity of research and academic professionals,

With the support of CEDIA ICT Director Carlos Guzman Jaramillo, who led the conference, our team discussed with delegates (which included ICT directors of Ecuadorian Universities) the need for regional and cross sectoral co-operation in the education sector, highlighting cyber security as an area of emerging need and importance.