CSIRT Essentials in Lao PDR

This week, we continue our work in Lao PDR with another session of the ever popular CSIRT Essentials. Our experts Klaid Mägi and Nick Small were on hand to support our cohort in Vientiane and were delighted to have Vice Minister Keovisouk Solaphom attend the opening event. Thank you so much to LaoCERT for their … Read more

Discussing the Human Centred approach to Cyber Security at the United Nations in NYC

Co-operation and collaboration on important issues remains a consistent and robust theme of our work, and yesterday’s lunchtime workshop on the Human-Centric Approach to Cybersecurity in the Context of the OEWG was a great example of this. Joining forces with EU Cyber Direct – EU Cyber Diplomacy Initiative and in the presence of our sponsored EU:CD fellows and … Read more

Rwanda strives to realise its cyber potential

Rwanda has made great strides in boosting its cyber resilience in recent years: establishing its National Cyber Security Authority (NCSA) in 2020, and a Data Protection Office just last year. They’ve also been busy hosting international events, like the 2023 FIRST & AfricaCERT Symposium in March and the Cybertech Africa 2023 Conference in August. Cyber … Read more

Revisiting Costa Rica and CSIRT Essentials

Recently our Lead Cyber expert Martin Indrek Miller and RIA expert Tomu Tammer visited Costa Rica to deliver training to local professionals on the subject of CSIRT Essentials. In the words of Martin Last year, Costa Rica faced a grave challenge that tested its resilience. In April 2022, the nation fell victim to one of … Read more

Cyber 9/12 brings together teams from across LAC in Santo Domingo

It’s a great feeling when plans truly come together and our event last week in Santo Domingo was great example of this. Having witnessed the success of the Cyber 9/12 event in Cape Town last September, it’s our pleasure to support teams from Ecuador and Costa Rica at the largest and first bilateral event in … Read more

Regional CSIRT Essentials hosted in Cambodia

From the onset of our project, we have emphasised and encouraged the importance of regional co-operation to support cyber resilience. This week has shown a perfect example of this, as our experts Nick Small and Klaid Mägi participated in a Regional CSIRT Essentials workshop hosted in Cambodia and shared with a delegation from the Lao … Read more

Costa Rica Cyber Awareness Week

Back in April, our RIA Partner lead Merili Soosalu was very pleased to be able to participate in Costa Rica Cyber Awareness Week, alongside our regional colleague Lorenzo Martinez Lebrón. Costa Rica continues to make great strides in its Cyber resilience journey and after a long time since our last visit, it was great to … Read more

Ecuador continues to strive for enhanced Cyber Resilience

Back in March, our partners in Ecuador completed their first national Tabletop cyber crisis exercise with the help of Cyber4Dev. Led by the Ministerio de Telecomunicaciones, a critical scenario was explored and the National Cybersecurity Committee worked through a series of potential cyber incidents, with the aim of testing out Ecuador’s response and ability to … Read more

Third International Workshop on Combating Transnational Crime in Africa

This week we have participated in the ‘Third International Workshop on Combating Transnational Crime in Africa’. This conference which was hosted by Stellenbosch University, and led by noelle van der waag-cowling, focussed upon the theme of ‘The African Cyber Security Landscape: Countering Cyber Threat Proliferation’. Our Project leader Enrico Calandro was part of a high level panel on the … Read more

Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa (FIFA)

This week, we’ve been in Zambia, participating in the Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa (FIFA). Our Communications expert Sylvia Beamish, along with David Moepeng from InFuture Foundation, presented a workshop on Tackling Cyber Poverty through Cyber awareness campaigns. The aim of the workshop was to inspire and encourage people to take action on cyber … Read more